Holiday Gifts for the Home

Skip the long lines at the mall and shop online for worry free, hassle free holiday shopping. If you are not fully satisfied with our product, no worries. We offer a 30 day return policy. To shop these and other gifts for the home you can find us at Wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy.

Digital Downloads Make Great Gifts

This year we started selling our photographs and oil painting prints as digital downloads on Etsy. It has been a real hit and most of our sales come from this category. The reason it is so popular is the ease in which one can purchase a print and they do not have to wait forContinue reading “Digital Downloads Make Great Gifts”

Tootsie Pop Oil Painting

Every once in a while I want to paint something fun. This small painting was done last year right after Halloween. I bought some candy just in case trick-or-treaters came to my door. This was one of the left over treats. I decided I wanted to paint it as I love painting big things smallContinue reading “Tootsie Pop Oil Painting”