Share the Good Vibes

My newest product at Wendy B’s Studio is a fun sketch of the beach. In this design I was trying to capture the essence of the Venice Beach Boardwalk. On the boardwalk you will find slogans regarding good vibes on t-shirts, store signs and other items. In Venice people surf, skateboard and bicycle. Plenty of good vibes to go around.


Located at Moon Nurseries

If you drive along highway 1 along the 21 miles of beaches in Malibu, you will pass this guy along the side of the road. He is there with many other dinosaurs among the many palm trees they have for sale. The scene takes you back to prehistoric times. I think they bring some fun to the area.

NBe sure to check out my new items hon Zazzle with this love able dinosaur.

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

I don’ t know about you, but I can’t start my day until I have had my coffee. My love of coffee inspired my latest artwork which I have placed on products on my website at . There you will find this design on a variety of items as well as others that I have created since my store launched in 2017.

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