Setting Goals

My Hustle Planner

This year I decided to take my business up a notch. One of my priorities has been setting daily goals for myself. Since I started using a planner I have accomplished more than I ever thought I would. Somehow writing things down holds me accountable and I love the feeling of crossing tasks off the “To Do” list.

Goals do not have to be big items, and in fact can be tiny steps towards achieving something greater. One of my first tasks has been to write business and marketing plans. In my plans I have listed small achievable goals as well as larger goals to aim towards in the future. It helps to keep me focused and I am able to complete a larger amount of work.

Business may not be back to any kind of normalcy during this pandemic, but planning for the future will assure that my business will survive. Using one of the planners from Wendy B’s Studio or any other store on can help you stay focused and productive. The key is to keep going and stay productive. I wish you all a safe and healthy future.

This Year I Began Practicing Mussar Yoga

At the Beach Yoga Mat

I decided to take up yoga practice this year during quarantine. I began looking for something that would appeal to me and found a book on Mussar yoga which combined my spiritual beliefs with yoga! How cool is that?

The book is Mussar Yoga by Edith. Rot man, PhD. Mussar is a form of Jewish spiritual practice. Along with meditation and running, these things have kept me going during these unusual times.

I like yoga because one pushes their body to go just a little bit further. It also encourages me to push myself a little bit further in other areas of my life. Not an easy thing to do during quarantine.

When self isolating is over, I plan on taking my mat to the beach, a perfect spot to practice yoga and spirituality.

Halloween Parties?

Wicked Fun Halloween Invitation

I am hoping by the time Halloween comes around we are able to celebrate holidays with friends again. I am starting to work on some designs for holidays which I have been neglecting.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays because it falls near my birthday. As a child my birthday parties always had a Halloween theme. In those days we went trick–or-treating door to door. It was a super fun time of year.

To see this and other Halloween designs visit Wendy B’s Studio on Zazzle. Let’s party!

Stay Hydrated

Song Birds Water Bottle

It is hard to remember in our busy lives the importance of staying hydrated. I am guilty of not prioritizing water in my every day routine. I recently started to drink a lot more water and I feel so much better for it.

One of my tricks to make something a habit is to make it fun. I like pretty things so I decided to design a water bottle that would bring me joy in my day. The Song Bird design is one I created because I use to have birds and loved to listen to their sweet songs. I currently am not in a position where I can have birds where I live, but I can have them on my water bottle.

Stop making excuses for not drinking eight glasses of water a day and find a way to make it fun. Visit a Wendy B’s Studio to see our entire collection.

My New Book is Out

Well I finally did it! I published a book of my urban sketches from Southern California. I have been wanting to do this for some time, and with the extra free time from being quarantined I was able to make it happen.

The book is a collection of sketches from the last three years of Venice, California and the surrounding area. Over the years my style of painting has changed, but the variety in style makes it more interesting.

The paintings are a piece of recorded history as Southern California is constantly changing. Most are done plenty air so they are a stamp of what the area looked like at the time.

I hope you will check out the book on Blurb. It makes a great gift for those who love watercolor painting or Southern California.

Looking on the Bright Side

My bathroom during quarantine

One of the positive things that has come from being quarantined is having oodles of time to paint. I am primarily a plenitude air painter, painting what I see outdoors, but I can adapt! So I decided to paint what I see everyday during quarantine. I just finished this one yesterday.

I usually sell my paintings at my booth I set up on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, but it is not yet open for that yet. Although I miss being on the boardwalk with all of the business, people and activity, being under quarantine allows me to create more inventory. Once I am able to open up again I will have a lot more original work than usual. I have also been learning to play the ukulele, so watch out for some live performances, who knows? 😉

Looking For a Father’s Day Gift?

Skullz Tie

Looking for something unique to give your dad on Father’s Day? Check out one of a kind gifts from Wendy B’s Studio.

I remember shopping for my father and I think that almost every year he received a new tie. When he opened his gift he always looked surprised even though I am pretty sure he already knew what he was getting. I believe he accumulated quite a collection of ties and would wear them until the style changed. It seems that the width of the tie changes depending on the current trend. I think he kept all of his ties knowing that one day they would be in style again.

Time to Hit the Beach

Beach Vacation Set

Here in Venice, California the beach is finally back open. At Wendy B’s Studio we have created a sticker set for those who celebrate summer and the beach. These stickers are great for journaling, scrapbooking and crafts.

The surfers are also back! The beach doesn’t stop and neither do we!

Keeping Busy

During the current pandemic I have tried to keep busy by focusing on my health and my art. I am a painter which requires a lot of sitting, so I have been running to get exercise. I am up to 3.5 mile runs now. I love the feeling when I am finished with a run. The endorphins put me in a better mood than when my run started. The added bonus is losing weight and toning up!

On my runs I pass the restaurant shown in the photo in Venice, California. I like to paint things from everyday life, which is why I love urban sketching so much. I am looking forward to the day when we can once again patronize restaurants with friends. Painting this eatery reminds me that this quarantine is temporary and we have so much to look forward to in the future.

Urban Sketching

Venice Beach

During the current quarantine I have taken advantage of all the free time I have to work on some urban sketching. I have dug through some old photos or have used photos I have taken on my daily runs. I love painting the Los Angeles area and I have also done a few from my travels. I will be selling them on the Venice Beach Boardwalk when vendors are allowed back.

San Antonio
Marina Del Rey

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