Granny Square Crochet Bag


We just added this boho chic bag on our Etsy site and we are excited to list our first bag! We are planning on adding more bags soon, so stay tuned.

The crochet bag is made using natural cotton yarn in lavender, papaya, Bordeaux and beige. It has been lined with a cream colored fabric.

Be sure to visit us on Etsy at Wendybsstudio90264 to find this and other great gifts for yourself or a special someone!

I Love My Singer Sewing Machine


I chose the Singer MX60 sewing machine because of its simplicity and ease of use. I have used much fancier sewing machines, but found that you need to take a class just to be able to use them. Also, I seldom need all of the fancy things those sewing machines do. Today many of the machines are basically computers. But I wanted a machine that I could sit down and use to sew!


Setting up the machine was easy. The handle on top makes it portable and all you have to do is plug it in and you are good to go. To thread the needle I glanced at the online manual, but the machine has a threading guide printed right on the machine, so if you do not have access to the manual all you have to do is to look at the top of the machine. I was able to get it threaded with little difficulty.


Once I had the needle threaded I took a scrap piece of fabric and tested the stitches and needle tensions. I recommend doing this before starting a project. It would also be useful to write down what settings you use with different fabric.


Whether you are looking to start sewing or are an experienced seamstress, the Singer MX60 sewing machine will get the job done, and you don’t have to be a computer expert to do it! If you are in the market for a sewing machine, consider buying this Singer no frills machine and get sewing!

Holiday Gifts Under $50


Holiday Gifts Under $50


This Holiday is unlike any other we have experienced in our lifetime. Wendy B’s Studio offers several unique gifts under $50 and we can ship directly to your loved one, we can even include a card.


Eco Friendly Cotton Dish Cloths

Holiday Cards

photographic prints

Mind Your Bees Wax


Are you looking for a gift that is elegant yet environmentally friendly? Wendy B’s Studio has the perfect gift for those who care about the environment. We offer 100% natural beeswax candles that have a mild sweet honey aroma.

Beautiful Home Decor

Our candles can turn a plain table into an elegant one as beautiful centerpieces. We have a variety of styles and sizes.

Easy Shopping

Our candles are easy to order at . We offer free shipping on orders over $35 and items ship in 3 to 5 business days.

The holidays are around the corner and we want to make your holiday shopping a breeze.

Desert Landscape Cotton Dishrags


I just moved to my new home in the desert and I am adjusting to the new climate.  It is wonderful to have weather warm enough to sit and work at my table outside at the end of October.  I have been spending my time unpacking and decorating my new living space.  I want it to be a space that is warm, inviting and eco friendly.

My kitchen is the first room to be put together.  It is the center of any home and it is where we spend a lot of time.  I like to make my meals from scratch so I end up having a lot of dishes to wash.  I don’t like using sponges because we use them over and over but don’t have a way to wash and disinfect them.  With Covid being germ free is of the utmost importance.  I also do not like a lot of clutter and prefer my counters to have lots of usable space.

The solution I had was to make my own dish cloths out of 100% cotton yarn.  I used yarn in colors of my new surroundings to brighten my kitchen.  They are plain and simple but brighten up the kitchen and I can throw them in the washer and dryer and reuse them for quite some time.


I have made more sets available on my Etsy shop at .Each set contains 4 dishcloths in bright desert colors and are made from 100% cotton yarn.  I hope to offer other sets in different color variations in the future.  If you are concerned with being germ free during the pandemic, consider changing from sponges to our eco friendly dishcloths from Wendy B’s Studio.


Halloween t-shirt


Halloween will be different this year with the pandemic going strong. The holiday has evolved since I was young and we can keep evolving with the times.

We may not be able to gather at parties or go trick or treating, but we can continue to celebrate the day when people can show off their creativity and be someone else.


Zoom has become a form of communication where we can interact with each other real time on video. Those who love to dress up in costume can still do so and have a gathering on Zoom or another platform.

We love to decorate our homes this time of year, and that is something we can still do. And while others can not visit us in our homes this year, we can share photos on social media.

If we can not be with our friends and family, we can still connect with them by sending cards and gifts and let them know how. Much we miss them.

For an array of Halloween cards and gifts visit Wendy B’s Studio on Zazzle. We want to help you keep the holidays vibrant during the pandemic. Have a safe one!

The Joy of Pet Adoption

About a month ago a neighbor contacted me saying she had rescued a dog from a shelter who was about to be put down. She was looking for someone to adopt her and thought of me. I was reluctant at first, but finally agreed. Now my adopted pet is truly my best friend and makes me smile every day.

My dog Lainey is a great companion, but having been abused by a previous owner, she does come with some baggage. The trick is to learn how to work around her little quirks and to build trust. She is a slave to routine and keeps me on track. Bed time is around 9 PM and every morning at 7 AM we go on our walk to Starbucks or I hear about it.

Now that I have adopted her it is hard to believe a shelter was going to put her down. I would have missed out on so much and it makes me sad to think of other pets during the Covid crisis that are being put down because the shelters are not open during the virus.

Pet adoption can have its difficulties, but the rewards are so great that you forget about the struggles. If you are thinking about getting a pet, please consider adopting from a shelter or rescue facility, you may just find your best friend.

Encouragement Gifts

The power of positive thinking is the best gift you can give someone. It can change lives. Today in a world where nothing is the same as it was just a short time ago, and the uncertainty of the future, receiving some encouragement can go a long way.

At Wendy B’s Studio we want to be able to give you that power. We have a collection of items that will brighten the day of your favorite person. Be sure to visit the shop on Etsy and take a look.

The Amazing Shapes and Textures of the Cactus Plant

I have always loved the different shapes and textures of the Cactus plant. There are many varieties that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Here in Southern California the cactus plants can grow quite large. I love to document and photograph the different cacti I see here in the Venice area. Wendy B’s Studio is now on Dreams Time with our photography where you can download some of our favorite photographs.

A Day at the Beach

Malibu Coast

Summertime is beach time, or if you are me beach time is all the time. Bring the beach indoors if you can’t be there right now with one of our new additions to our Zazzle shop

One of my favorite places here in Southern California is Paradise Cove in a Malibu. It would be hard to find a more beautiful spot.

Paradise Cove
Come Sail Away
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