Give the Gift of Art this Season

Having trouble deciding what to buy for friends and family this season? Why not give a gift that will last a lifetime, original art. Here at Wendybsstudio90264 we have a wide selection of original art that will add color to living room and home office decors. The painting above is a beach in Malibu, California near the lagoon.

Anyone who has been to Malibu will recognize the hardware store. One of the nice things about Malibu is that it has a small town feel, but over 20 miles of beaches.

This piece is a slice of Hollywood Boulevard. Hollywood is an exciting place with a mix of old and new.

All paintings were done in oil and were given a coat of varnish to protect the color. These are all originals and one of a kind. Give a gift that lasts. These can be found at Wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy.


Published by wendy brown

I am an artist living in Southern California.

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