Digital Downloads Make Great Gifts

Beach Cafe Digital Download

This year we started selling our photographs and oil painting prints as digital downloads on Etsy. It has been a real hit and most of our sales come from this category. The reason it is so popular is the ease in which one can purchase a print and they do not have to wait for it to come in the mail.

Each of our prints comes in multiple sizes and are sized to fit standard mats and frames. You are able to download the photo or print to your computer or saving device and then print it or take it to your local printer. The prints are then easy to fit into a mat and frame and can be given as a gift or hung on your wall to brighten your home decor.

The Beach Cafe shown above is one of our more popular photographs taken in Malibu, California. We have several more of Malibu and other places as well as oil painting prints.

Coffee and Cream Oil Painting Print
Venice Beach Color Photograph
Indio Landscape oil painting print

If you would like to purchase and download one of our prints, they are available at wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy.


Published by wendy brown

I am an artist/writer living in Southern California.

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