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How I Create My Products

Last week I went for a bike ride here in the desert. The weather this time of year is gorgeous and I wanted to take advantage of it. I grabbed my camera and hopped on my bike and began riding around the neighborhood. I decided I wanted to ride down to the vegetable stand to see what kinds of fresh produce they had available.

I was delighted to see they had many types of fresh veggies and the man working behind the counter did not mind me photographing some of them. I will be riding back to get some soon. I continued riding through the neighborhood and got some great shots.

Back at the Studio

Once I was back at the studio I looked over the photographs I had taken. The shots of the vegetables were taken with the macro setting so I could get close. After processing the photos I thought some of them would make great digital downloads for the Etsy shop. Digital downloads are a newer item I have been working on. People can download the photos right from Etsy onto their own computer. They can print the photos themselves or copy them and have them printed elsewhere. It makes decorating a lot less expensive to print the photos yourself and for me, I do not have to mail anything, so it is a timesaver.

The photos of the veggies would make great kitchen decor or also decor for restaurants and cafes. If you add a frame and mat they can look quite wonderful.

Where to Find Them

These photographs and much more home decor can be found at Wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy. I hope you will stop by and take a look.


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I am an artist/writer living in Southern California.

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