New Book Release


I will have a new book available on Amazon soon! The official release date is October 28th and I have been busy preparing. The book will be a collection of my oil paintings of Southern California. It will first be released in ebook form and later in paperback. It will be the first book of my oil paintings and the second book of my artwork.


Every time an original piece sells I feel a terrible loss. I put so much time and effort into each one and letting them go is hard. I wanted a way to preserve my portfolio in one place. Each piece has many memories. There is a memory of the place I have painted and what non artists do not realize there is a memory of painting the piece itself. Painting is a very personal thing. As artists we put great care into our creations. So while the book is for sale for others to enjoy, publishing it is actually for me.


I decided to publish on Amazon for two reasons: 1) On Amazon I am able to publish in both ebook and paperback form. I wanted to publish on a platform that had an ebook option because so many people read using the Kindle app or other similar apps. I am a fan of ebooks as I do not have space to store lots of books, and it saves trees, and 2) Amazon is where most books are sold today.


The book is available for preorder for Kindle on Amazon here . I hope you will take a peek. Listen to the podcast here.


Published by wendy brown

I am an artist/writer living in Southern California.

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