The Key to Reaching Your Goals


After you write down and identify your goals, you now need to reach those goals. Whether you are part of a large corporation or self employed and everything in between, the process is the same. Getting everyone on the same page.


Creating a mission statement not only sets the purpose of your company for its employees, but it also is helpful to your customers in letting them know what you do and why. The mission statement should be a sentence of short paragraph that is a summary of your business. A good place to see examples of mission statements is to visit the web page of a non profit. There is usually a page dedicated to their mission and their mission statement is usually at the top of their website.


Any successful; business will have both long term and short term goals, What is the direction the business is going for the long term, or what is the ultimate vision. In order to reach the ultimate vision, smaller attainable goals need to be set to bring the business towards its vision. These goals can change daily, weekly or monthly and should be revisited and updated often. None of this will be accomplished if every employee does not know why they do what they do or what they are working towards and why, The goals need to be communicated and communicated often, Unifying the company or business through its goals will br key to making them happen.


When goals are reached let people know! Give kudos where they are deserved. Let your customes or clients know your wins as well, Keep the momentum going! Positive reinforcement goes a long way.

It is not only important to set goals, bit those goals need to be communicated to everyone to create teamwork in reach8ing the ultimate vision, Set those goals snd let people know!


Published by wendy brown

I am an artist/writer living in Southern California.

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