The Crest Theater

When I lived in Los Angeles I would often pass this theater in the Westwood neighborhood. I loved the Art Deco architecture and it is one of the many historical theaters in the area that must have been spectacular in their hey day. Every time I passed the theater I would take a photo wanting to do a painting of it. I am not sure if it was still showing movies at the time I took the photo for this painting, but the last time I passed by it was boarded up making me a little sad to see such treasures go.

I painted this painting on paper with gauche paints. It was the first time I had used that medium and I found I really liked it. The color is bolder than watercolor, but the paint is thinner than acrylic and looks great on paper. I hope to do more gauche paintings in the future.

Currently I have the original painting as well as prints available on Etsy at wendybsstudio90264. It is available unframed or a choice of black or rustic frames in 2 different sizes and I hope to add a third..

Published by wendy brown

I am an artist living in Southern California.

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