Setting Goals

My Hustle Planner

This year I decided to take my business up a notch. One of my priorities has been setting daily goals for myself. Since I started using a planner I have accomplished more than I ever thought I would. Somehow writing things down holds me accountable and I love the feeling of crossing tasks off the “To Do” list.

Goals do not have to be big items, and in fact can be tiny steps towards achieving something greater. One of my first tasks has been to write business and marketing plans. In my plans I have listed small achievable goals as well as larger goals to aim towards in the future. It helps to keep me focused and I am able to complete a larger amount of work.

Business may not be back to any kind of normalcy during this pandemic, but planning for the future will assure that my business will survive. Using one of the planners from Wendy B’s Studio or any other store on can help you stay focused and productive. The key is to keep going and stay productive. I wish you all a safe and healthy future.


Published by wendy brown

I am an artist/writer living in Southern California.

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