Holiday Gifts for the Home

The holiday season is approaching and Wendy B’s Studio has a lot of great gifts for the home. Our home decor ranges from pillows, canvas and metal prints, original oil paintings and candles.

Skip the long lines at the mall and shop online for worry free, hassle free holiday shopping.

If you are not fully satisfied with our product, no worries. We offer a 30 day return policy.

To shop these and other gifts for the home you can find us at Wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy.

Halloween Candy

Tootsie Pop Digital Download

It’s almost that time of year again, Halloween is just a little over a month away. The Tootsie Pop digital download is from a painting I did of some left over Halloween candy from last year. I love painting small things big and big things small, so this painting was a lot of fun. I may even be tempted to do some more Halloween candy paintings this year.

Tootsie Pop’s have been around for a long time and were one of my favorites when I use to go out trick or treating. It is a perfect way to add color to your walls or to give as a gift. The print pictured above is a digital download that can be purchased online and downloaded to your computer. You may then print it out or take it to a local printer.
The print can be purchased at Wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy. If you would like to purchase the original painting you can find it at WMBpaintings on Etsy.

Digital Downloads Make Great Gifts

Beach Cafe Digital Download

This year we started selling our photographs and oil painting prints as digital downloads on Etsy. It has been a real hit and most of our sales come from this category. The reason it is so popular is the ease in which one can purchase a print and they do not have to wait for it to come in the mail.

Each of our prints comes in multiple sizes and are sized to fit standard mats and frames. You are able to download the photo or print to your computer or saving device and then print it or take it to your local printer. The prints are then easy to fit into a mat and frame and can be given as a gift or hung on your wall to brighten your home decor.

The Beach Cafe shown above is one of our more popular photographs taken in Malibu, California. We have several more of Malibu and other places as well as oil painting prints.

Coffee and Cream Oil Painting Print
Venice Beach Color Photograph
Indio Landscape oil painting print

If you would like to purchase and download one of our prints, they are available at wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy.

For the Love of Pugs

Pug Original Oil Painting

Are you a pet owner? Or do you love pugs? Then you are going to love our newest original oil painting of a cute pug. I love having a dog as a trusty companion and I am currently looking for a puppy. My search led me to this painting. It was great fun to paint and I hope it will bring joy to the one who purchases it.

The painting is 12” x 12” and will look great in a child’s room or any place you want to see his cute face.

The painting is available for purchase at WMBPaintings on Etsy.

Indio Farmer’s Market

Indio Farmer’s Market Original Oil Painting

Last January I decided to take a bike ride. As I live in the desert it was a beautiful day and I decided to ride to the vegetable market near my home. I was delighted with the fresh produce which is all grown in the field behind the stand.

Madison Produce was started by Joe Manion according to a local paper. Joe worked on farms as a young boy and eventually operated produce stands all over Northern California. He ultimately landed in Indio where he was on a quest to grow strawberries in the Coachella Valley. With all of his past experience he was successful and his son eventually joined him in the business.

I was captivated by the quality of produce and the friendliness of the staff. I decided to paint the vegetable stand in my series of paintings of Indio/. The painting is available for purchase at Wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy. The painting has been done on a canvas panel board in oils and is 12” x 12 inches in dimension.

Oil Paintings of Southern California

Kindle Book Available on Amazon

In October of 2021 I published a book of some of my oil paintings of Southern California. The book describes why I chose to paint each one and some of the process that went into them.

My paintings are a reflection of my everyday life and travels. I usually take a photo of the location and then go into the studio to paint. While I would love to paint plein air, I just never seem to have the time.

If you are a Prime member you can download and read for free or if not it can be purchased on Amazon .

California Original Oil Paintings

Original oil paintings from Wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy

Add a splash of colors to your California decor with some original oil paintings from Wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy. Pictured are four oil paintings done of Malibu and Hollywood done by artist Wendy Brown. The paintings stand alone by themselves or look great together as a set. Each painting has been done on a 18’ x 24’ stretched canvas and protected with a coat of varnish.

These paintings are a perfect addition to your living room or home office decor or to give as a gift and may be purchased at Wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy.

Handmade Candles Make Great Gifts

Handmade Soy Candle Set

We started making candles last year and fell in love with the process. Each candle is made separately and great care is given to each one. Only natural materials are used in the making of these candles. We use soy wax and cotton wicks on each one.

While most of our candles are the color of the natural wax, we do offer a few with color added.

Handmade Soy Candles
Handmade Soy Candles

Because of the time and care that goes into making each candle, we only offer them as the holiday season approaches. Be sure to check back to see if we have added more. Our handmade candles are available for purchase at Wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy.

New Painting of Indio, California

12” x 12” Oil painting of Indio, CA

In 2020 during the height of Covid I moved to the California desert town of Indio. Since moving here I have spent some time exploring my new area. I am currently working on a series of paintings of Indio and the painting pictured is the first one I have completed.

The painting of Indio pictured above is of northern Indio. Northern Indio has shopping centers and housing complexes and it also has large expanses of empty desert with large mountains behind it. Much of the rest of the town is the same.

Indio is known for hosting the Coachella and Stagecoach music concerts. The concerts happen in the spring right before all of the snow birds leave for the season. During the summer the town quiets down until fall when the snow birds return.

The painting of Indio can be purchased at Wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy.

The Beauty of the Desert

La Quinta Canvas Print

One day I took a drive up to the hills in La Quinta to an area called The Cove. It was just before the sun began to set and I went for a short hike. The landscape was beautiful and full of hiking trails. Just beyond this point is an oasis like area with picnic tables. A great place to spend the day.

La Quinta canvas print can be purchased at Wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy.

Lake Havasu Digital Download

On the border between California and Arizona is Lake Havasu. Some friends of mine rented a house boat and we spent a few days on the lake. The scenery is unusual but stunning. I was able to photograph much of the area by boat. A great place to vacation with the family.

Lake Havasu digital download can be purchased at wendybsstudio90264 on Etsy.

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